Christian Science Healing is for everyone

The Christian Science Church is committed to reinstating the prayer-based healing taught by Jesus, and practiced by his followers until around 300 A.D., when it all but disappeared from Christian history.

The Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy , had an instantaneous recovery from the effects of a serious accident in 1866 as she read a Bible account of Jesus’ healing. This led her to search the Scriptures to understand how she had been healed. What she discovered was that such healing was not miraculous, but dependent on spiritual laws that she was able to apply to heal others. Indeed, her outstanding healing work equalled and in some cases surpassed those of the early Christians.

With her growing understanding and practice, she found that she was able to teach others how to heal. She subsequently wrote the Christian Science textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures , which fully explains the Principle and practice of Christian healing. Christian Scientists regard this book as an indispensable aid to their study of the Bible.

The Church Mary Baker Eddy established to preserve and share her discovery has a unique record of spiritual healing going back well over a century. All Christian Scientists strive to practice spiritual healing. Some eventually become full time Christian Science practitioners, making themselves available to help anyone, anywhere, through prayer.

The website explores how Christian Science heals acute and chronic ill health together with all manner of human problems.

The site includes

  • Articles that look at the “how to” of spiritual healing
  • Real-life examples where people tell in their own words how they were healed through Christian Science
  • Videos which explain the work of Christian Science Practitioners, who devote themselves to the full-time healing ministry; and Christian Science Nurses, who support the healing work by caring for the physical needs of patients whilst they are receiving treatment
  • Timely advice on praying about world situations of current concern, such as the effects of earthquakes, floods and contagious diseases.
Our internationally acclaimed newspaper The Christian Science Monitor includes a regular daily article, A Christian Science Perspective which encourages a prayerful and healing response to current challenges across the world.


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